Welcome to my website! This is my personal project where I make silly stuff and post my art.

The site is a fairly finished state, so have fun browsing! I hope you enjoy what I've managed to make :3

All assets (except those listed in CREDITS) were made by me!

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Recent Art - 03/31/2024
Full-size display
03/12/2024 ────────recent art box added

03/11/2024 ────────overlay for about images added, credits added, links added

03/02/2024 ────────added cats page and fixed changelog some

02/29/2024 ────────new header + home & art spruced up

02/28/2024 ────────home and changelog itself added!?!

02/27/2024 ────────improving art page to load better

02/25/2024 ────────art page! hooray!

02/24/2024 ────────general layout finished + about + friends page!

02/16/2024 ──────── website created!